2020 AAMD Plan Study

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The 2020 AAMD Plan Study will be a very unique event!

The featured plan is a skull base Chordoma. The plan will be a sequential plan prescribed to total of 77.4 Gy, made up of two fraction groups of 54 Gy in 30 fractions and 23.4 Gy in 13 fractions.

This year’s planning and presentation team is led by dosimetrists Chavanon Apinorasethkul, CMD, and Kalin Shipman, CMD. There will be a total of 24 metrics studied (20 scored) for a total of 150 points.


We are using an advanced methodology for this particular plan study, and, as a result, participation for this event will be limited to the first 150 individuals or teams who register. Any physicist, dosimetrist, therapist, physician, or student from anywhere in the world can register and participate.


Important Note: Because slots are limited, please do not register unless you intend to submit a plan. Registering but not participating would waste a slot and deprive another person who would have liked to participate.

Registering is easy. Simply fill in the form below. Once you have registered, you will receive a follow-up email with detailed instructions within 24 hours.

Additionally: To be eligible to receive any mailings (e.g., certificates, pride of workmanship cards) specific to this study, please enter your preferred mailing address.

Due to overwhelming interest, we extended the registration limit to 300+ but as of June 6th, registration for this event is closed. Thanks for your interest!


This study will use the full ProKnow software system instead of the conventional plan study program. This will allow for the following advanced features:

  • Support for any/all commercial planning systems and delivery modalities
  • Easy login, upload, and display of your plan iterations
  • Built-in dose summing tool so you can easily create a composite dose grid if you’re uploading your plan as a set of two RT Plan and Dose pairs
  • Real-time, comprehensive plan scoring for each plan iteration
  • Population analytics and interactive graphics such as histograms and scatterplots once all submissions are finalized
  • Post-study drill-down into your anonymized peers’ submitted plans to study modalities used, beam details, 3D dose distributions, DVH curves, and plan scorecards.


June 2, 2020: Registration opens
June 26, 2020: Final plan submissions due
July 6-10, 2020: Results presented as part of virtual AAMD meeting
July 10, 2020: Population analytics and plan drill-down capabilities activated