The US Oncology Network Adopts ProKnow for Network-wide Quality Initiative

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The Initiative

Beginning in March 2018, The US Oncology Network (”The Network”) will be integrating the ProKnow cloud-based quality systems into their Excellence, Precision, and Improved Quality (EPIQ) program.

The Network will focus on the crucial components of anatomical contouring accuracy and treatment plan quality. Recent scientific studies show both components to be highly variable, as they are largely dependent on the training and skill level of each clinician.

The Network will be implementing a 2018 schedule that focuses on treatment of the prostate, head and neck, and breast. The schedule includes phases for initial benchmarking, goal-setting, and targeted education, followed by a network-wide effort to achieve quality milestones, ensuring consistent and excellent quality of care across The Network.

The ProKnow Technology

The ProKnow systems that will be adopted for the EPIQ program are specifically designed after the “Plan-Do-Study-Act” quality strategy.

Each clinician will be able to measure their practical skills of contouring and planning using standardized and challenging datasets. Objective results are calculated in real-time using several patented methods that allow each clinician the opportunity to study their results against a population of their peers using ProKnow’s suite of ‘big data’ analysis tools.

To complement the analytics, the ProKnow system also allows custom educational materials – such as video lectures by experts and documentation of the successful techniques used by the highest performers – to be made available for clinicians. Upon review of initial performance and learning materials, clinicians can then continue to use the system to try new methods and re-score until they achieve the organization’s published goals.

ProKnow technology is cloud-based, allowing users to conveniently participate in quality exercises remotely. For administrators, the cloud-based technology removes the burden of complicated software installations.

Big Data and the Power of a Large Network

With more than 1,400 independent physicians nationwide, harnessing the “power of the crowd” has much promise for organizations such as The US Oncology Network.

This program facilitates a collective drive for excellence across a large team and builds a community of learning and sharing of best practices for a common goal. In addition, it will help lead data-driven discoveries about technologies (e.g., treatment planning system (TPS) or radiation delivery system) that produce the best results which are beneficial when optimizing short- and long-term investments in capital equipment.

About The US Oncology Network

Every day, The US Oncology Network (The Network) helps more than 1,400 independent physicians deliver value-based, integrated care for patients—close to home. Through The Network, these independent doctors come together to form a community of shared expertise and resources dedicated to advancing local cancer care and to delivering better patient outcomes. The Network provides doctors with access to coordinated resources, best business practices, experience, infrastructure, and support of McKesson Specialty Health. This collaboration allows the doctors in The Network to focus on the health of their patients, while McKesson focuses on the health of their practices. Together, The Network and its affiliated physicians are committed to the success of independent practices, everywhere. For more information, visit

About ProKnow Systems

ProKnow Systems, LLC was founded in January 2016, and specializes in high performance, cloud-based solutions to improve quality in radiation oncology worldwide. ProKnow offers technology that enables plug-and-play quality systems for the vital, yet highly variable, components of contouring accuracy and treatment plan quality. ProKnow also leads the way with the development of its flagship cloud-based product for data management, distribution of contouring and plan review tasks across a network, and big data analytics that integrate comparative effectiveness and patient outcomes analysis into daily routine and decision support. For more information, visit

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