Announcing ProKnow’s “Pride of Workmanship” Program

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Plan-Do-Study-Act … Succeed

Announcing ProKnow’s “Pride of Workmanship” Program

Plan-Do-Study-Act with ProKnow

ProKnow users are “the cream of the crop” in radiation oncology, because anyone and everyone who participates in a plan study or contouring workshop is, by definition, contributing to the quality improvement of their practice.

Think about it. Every single ProKnow user – no matter their initial scores in the studies – is integrating themselves into the “Plan-Do-Study-Act” cycle that is so vital to quality. The “plan” portion is already done for you by virtue of the rigorously designed patient data and study objectives. The “do” step is your submission of your study results via our interactive cloud-based toolset. The “study” is also built into ProKnow, first as an objective rendering of your performance vs. the objectives, and then ultimately by giving you graphical and statistical tools to study the population analytics and to see where your work falls relative to an international community of your peers. Finally, and perhaps most important, the “act” of improvement is facilitated by the fact that with ProKnow, you can keep re-doing and practicing until you achieve your desired performance level.

Participation in such studies is vital. It advances the science. It helps uncover truths, to prove or disprove hypotheses. It allows us to glean best practices and to share them with the world.

By participating, you are contributing to the industry as the whole, while at the same time investing in your own skills and building a competitive advantage for yourself and your institution.

Celebrate Your Involvement

To help you shine your light a little brighter, ProKnow is announcing our Pride of Workmanship Program. There are three parts to this program.

1) First, we will be distributing collectible “ProKnow cards” specific to each study for all participants. The cards will be protected in cases (sleeves for international users) and over time as you accumulate more and more cards (6 or more), we will provide a card holder that you can either hang on your wall or place on your desk at work or home office.


2) Second, for each and every plan study that you participate in, you can download a certificate from within ProKnow as an official account of your efforts and contributions. These certificates are an acknowledgment of your commitment to quality and should become an important addition to your employee records.

3) Third, ProKnow allows you to track all of your achievements in your “My Achievements” module. From here you can render supplements to your professional résumé if you are applying for a new job or promotion.

Getting Started

If you are interested in the ProKnow Pride of Workmanship Program, getting started is easy:

  1. Update Account Info – Sign in to ProKnow and make sure your full name and correct mailing address are entered in your account info. These will be used to send out the certificates, ProKnow cards, and card holders.
  2. Participate! – Submit plans to public plan studies and contours to contouring studies and workshop