The Right and Left Submandibular

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Announcing Two New CAP Structures: The Right Submandibular (Premium) and Left Submandibular (Members-Only) – Start Contouring Today!

Today we have released two new structures! They are both unique instances of the submandibular gland. These two new structures have new-and-improved learning videos, including: 1) general steps for this organ, 2) patient-specific contouring walkthrough, and 3) refresher course on computed tomography and optimizing window and level for anatomy contouring. Sign in now to access the interactive contouring tools along with the comprehensive background and learning materials.

Already a CAP member? Don’t forget you can use your member structure tokens that you received when you registered to access any past or current structure. Simply click on any premium structure under the “Available Now” section (it will be listed as “Access Now” if you have tokens available) and follow the instructions to redeem one of your tokens.


Note: “Premium” structures allow for MDCB CE Credits via the AAMD CE Center. Both Premium and Members-Only structures will count towards your ProKnow achievements and digital badges.


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