Announcing New Structure Release: Male Pelvis – Penile Bulb, Prostate and Seminal Vesicles

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Eight new contouring exercises (for three new anatomical structures of the male pelvis) have been released in our Contouring Accuracy Program. These new exercises include great contouring walkthrough lectures with Dr. Matthew Ladra (radiation oncologist from Johns Hopkins University) and Aaron Kusano (radiation oncologist from Anchorage & Valley Radiation Therapy Center) who recently lead a live contouring workshop at the 2019 AAMD meeting.

The new structures can be found in the ProKnow library as follows:

  1. Penile Bulb 01 CT (Premium Structure)
  2. Penile Bulb 02 CT (Members-Only Structure)
  3. Penile Bulb 03 MRI (Members-Only Structure)
  4. Penile Bulb 04 MRI (Members-Only Structure)
  5. Prostate 01 CT (Premium Structure)
  6. Prostate 02 CT (Members-Only Structure)
  7. Seminal Vesicles 01 CT (Premium Structure)
  8. Seminal Vesicles 02 CT (Members-Only Structure)


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